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Quotes from Past Students:

"Josh's enthusiasm for drumming is contagious. Since working under his direction, I have felt a similar excitement in the percussive arts. As a student of his, I found myself growing in unimaginable strides. He encouraged me to seek perfection, embrace achievements, and eliminate deficiencies. He convinced me success is solely dependent on hard work, but looking back I have to believe my success was quite dependent on having him as a teacher."


-Greg LaRosa (current student at Julliard, percussion perfmorance)



"Josh Bailey is certainly one of the most influential drum teachers I have ever had. He pushed me to become not only a better drummer, but a better person. He always made time to meet with me and help me with anything from marching percussion to jazz drumset. Josh’s teaching was always extremely beneficial and I always felt more comfortable with what I was working on after his instruction. His invaluable lessons and percussion knowledge helped me earn a spot in two different music groups at the University of Delaware. "


-Pearce Haggarty (Current Student at University of Delaware)

"I started playing drums my sophomore year of high school, so when I decided that percussion is what I wanted to study in college I was sort of behind the eight ball. I only had a small amount of experience in drum set and marching percussion before I found Josh Bailey. I needed to learn the basics of classical percussion and more in a short period of time. I studied with Josh at the West Chester University music facilities for about a year before my auditions for college. Josh taught me everything I knew before coming to study at the Pennsylvania State University School of Music and his teachings are still effecting how I play and approach percussion music today."


Kevin Eppinger (Current student at Pennsylvania State University, Bachelors of Music in percussion performance)

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